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About Us

Our Mission

To Influence, Inspire, Invest and Enhance the Lives of Everyday Women

"We Are A Sisterhood of Empowered Women"

Our Vision

No Ordinary Woman 2.0 Foundation is striving to reignite the passion in the ordinary woman through faith based initiatives, community service and philanthropic ventures.

What is a No Ordinary Woman?

As young girls we dreamed about growing up and leaving our impression on this Earth. Many of us had dreams of stardom, to be a doctor, lawyer, teacher, or military service member. Whether your dreams came to fruition or not, you have reached adulthood and you are significant in this world.

You Are a No Ordinary Woman

A No Ordinary Woman, also known as a N.O.W is a : Cancer or Domestic Violence Survivor, Active Duty, Retired or Disabled Veteran; A Single Stay at Home or Career Mom, Entrepreneur, or a Wife.

SHE is a Voice that needs to be Heard and Story that need to be Shared!

Every Woman is a No Ordinary Woman

N.O.W 2.0 Colors: Fuchsia, Blue & White


The color FUCHSIA represents a positive sign of hope that inspires warm and comforting feelings. Its caring, compassionate, stands for unconditional love and understanding.


The color BLUE represents wisdom, confidence, stability, faith and intelligence. 


The color WHITE represents faith, spirituality, and new beginnings.

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